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Civic is an app to improve voter turnout and civic engagement. With a passionate volunteer team spread across the country, the app's beta is on track to launch this fall for the 2018 United States elections.


I joined the small design team in the midst of the user research phase. I took charge of user flows, the app's information architecture, and feature requirements documentation for collaborating with the content and engineering teams.


I'm currently working alongside the other two designers on strategy, wireframing, designing UI, and prototyping different areas of the app. I'm also finalizing the User Testing plan as we recruit testers for our first prototype.

Annotated User Flows and IA

I identified some user flows essential for the beta and mapped them out for new and returning users. I then brought these user flows together into a constantly evolving map of the app to serve as a reference point for all teams: design, content, and engineering.


Below are some early explorations of screens for displaying candidate match and election hub screens within the app. We will be using android material design UI components to facilitate development with the React Native Material Design library.

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